Clinovera delivers tailored, transformative business and technology solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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Who We Are

Clinovera is committed to helping Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations evolve with innovative digital solutions, enabling improvements in care, faster clinical development, reduced costs and ultimately changing millions of lives for the better.

Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with a global client base and delivery capability, we are a proven consulting partner highly skilled at assessing, planning, and executing digital transformation initiatives for innovative, ambitious, and dynamic health organizations.

The Clinovera team consists of health domain thought leaders, medical informaticians, and other highly skilled technical specialists with the expertise to help you reshape and advance your business and technology initiatives.

Who We Serve

Our diverse group of clients covers the entire spectrum of Healthcare and Life Sciences:
medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, software vendors, innovative startups and device manufacturers.

Clinical Researchers

We help customers by offering data extraction and harmonization to Common Data Models (OMOP, i2b2, FHIR), application development and analytics to optimize the design and execution of Real World Evidence (RWE) research, clinical trials and research studies — and can provide assistance with grant development.

Operational Healthcare

We optimize care delivery and clinician payment through digital technology that includes application development, systems integration, and development of analytical insights for inpatient/outpatient care, care quality and safety. We also provide organizational transformation, SDLC process redesign, and infrastructure and architecture review to advance operational efficiency.

Our Solutions

Business Consulting and Advisory

Serving as a trusted partner, we combine our extensive Subject Matter Expertise in Healthcare with our competency in delivering technology solutions to help solve business challenges.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Our expertise in AI/ML helps Healthcare and Life Science organizations accelerate the pace of innovation and improve efficiency for managing population health, patient diagnosis, enabling drug discovery, and modernizing care infrastructure.

Standards-based Health Data Interoperability

We build highly connected Healthcare ecosystems utilizing standard Healthcare interoperability protocols and emerging technologies.

Real World Evidence (RWE) Research

We help advance clinical trials and clinical research by building efficient ETL pipelines to Common Data Models, performing data harmonization, developing high-quality data repositories, and building research applications.

Data Management, Engineering & Analytics

We design and build large-scale operational data stores, facilitate data governance, quality management, and generate analytical insights to lower costs and improve patient outcomes.

Systems Development and Integration

We develop Clinical Decision Support Systems, patient and provider portals, and many other solutions that serve a diverse population of users - patients, clinicians, researchers, administrative staff, employers, vendors, and consumers.

Featured Case Studies

Redesigning Hospital Discharge System for a World-Class Healthcare Network

Clinovera developed The Patient Safety Learning Lab (PSLL) dashboard to promote actionable insights and feedback to front-line clinical staff at the point of care.

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Clinical Pathways System – Evidence-Based Tool in Care Quality Management for a Leading AMC

Creating a flexible Clinical Pathways platform where analysts can author virtually any pathway, define clinical dependencies and business logic and document the workflow.

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Immunization Repository For a Large Healthcare Delivery System

Designing a process and infrastructure to populate the immunization repository with historical and real-time data.

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Hear from Thought Leaders

Hear how we inject our health and technology expertise to help our customers deliver flexible ‘future proof’ technology and business solutions that empower Healthcare organizations, clinicians, researchers and patients.

Selected   Clients

What Our Customers Say

Mindaugaz Kaziulis, YAPILI
Mindaugas Kaziulis, YAPILI
Because of their solid work ethos, flexibility, and mastery of skill, they are the most reliable aspect of our delivery pipeline. We are confident that we will achieve even more success in the future with (Clinovera), so they will continue to be our first choice… We highly recommend them to anyone pursuing a software development project, regardless of complexity.
Qi Li
Qi Li, Physician Executive, InterSystems
I have known several principals at (Clinovera) for many years, but most recently InterSystems and (Clinovera) got through a project that really focused on clinical research, which is a new area that I know (Clinovera) is very good at, and also has an increasing demand for our customers around the world.
Stephanie Hojan
Stephanie Hojan, President of HSi
Clinovera has been our development partner helping bring technology and innovation to our organization. Initially, helping us automate several internal operational processes, our custom solution has developed into something so much bigger. Their Expertise is invaluable. Clinovera talent is top-notch. They have great technical ability and a solid working model that is affordable yet flexible; this flexibility make them a terrific partner. A great relationship has been built between our organizations over the past five years and we look forward to continuing to work with them into the future.
Scott Generazo
Scott Generazo EVP of HSi
Clinovera has far exceeded the expectations that we had set out at the beginning, and has been a trusted partner with us since 2018.

From the Insights

Remote Patient Monitoring FAQ by Anatoly Postilnik

There are so many questions around Remote Patient Monitoring in research, that I decided to combine them all in this article. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.

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Five Tips on Better Healthcare Operations Management with Technology

Healthcare staff expresses frustration with the healthcare operations management. Some of the common complaints are

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How Incremental Data Extraction into Common Data Models Can Translate EHR into Real-World Evidence

One of the healthcare challenges is a lack of interoperability and standardization regarding clinical data. There are many different ways

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