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Transformative Business and Health Tech Solutions

Clinovera was formed from the sincere belief that we can help make people’s lives better.
By creating trusted partnerships with our customers, we apply our Health Tech expertise to deliver innovative solutions that enable improvements in care, faster clinical development, cost reductions and a better overall patient experience.

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Who We Serve

Our diverse group of clients covers the entire spectrum of Healthcare and Life Sciences: medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, software vendors, innovative startups and device manufacturers.

Clinical Researchers

We help customers by offering data extraction and harmonization to Common Data Models (OMOP, i2b2, FHIR), application development and analytics to optimize the design and execution of Real World Evidence (RWE) research, clinical trials and research studies — and can provide assistance with grant development.
Clinical Researchers

Operational Healthcare

We optimize care delivery and clinician payment through digital technology that includes application development, systems integration, and development of analytical insights for inpatient/outpatient care, care quality and safety. We also provide organizational transformation, SDLC process redesign, and infrastructure and architecture review to advance operational efficiency.
Healthcare Operators

Our Services

Advance your modernization journey with Clinovera’s digital health consulting and solution delivery. We have the proven tools and expert teams to help you exceed your goals.
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Business Consulting and Advisory

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Standards-based Health Data Interoperability

Real World Evidence (RWE) Research

Data Management, Engineering & Analytics

Systems Development and Integration

Cloud Services


Client Success

Learn more about our successful customer engagements and how we deliver results across the Healthcare technology spectrum.
female doctor looking at camera
Cloud Transformation

Elevating SaaS Marketing Platform with Next-Gen Cloud Solutions

Our client, a dynamic force in SaaS Marketing Sourcing and Procurement, harnesses the power of InterSystems to revolutionize technologies in their industry. Their platform empowers and allows businesses to reinvent their marketing and procurement strategies, propelling them to new heights.

Healthcare Workforce Management Software
Organizational Transformation
System Modernization

Redesign for Long-Term Care Workforce Management System

Learn how Clinovera was engaged to redesign this company’s legacy SaaS solution for workforce management at long-term care facilities, along with SLDC process improvement.

Rare Disease Registry Development

Disease Registries Development with OMOP CDM Repository

See how Clinovera developed a cloud-based platform for rare disease registries, integrating data from various sources into the OMOP CDM repository with extensive data modeling and content management tools, utilizing a multi-disciplinary team's expertise in OMOP CDM for research and analytics.

What Our Customers Say

Advance your modernization journey with Clinovera’s digital health consulting and solution delivery. We have the proven tools and expert teams to help you exceed your goals.
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Mindaugas Kaziulis

Because of their solid work ethos, flexibility, and mastery of skill, they are the most reliable aspect of our delivery pipeline. We are confident that we will achieve even more success in the future with (Clinovera), so they will continue to be our first choice… We highly recommend them to anyone pursuing a software development project, regardless of complexity.‍

Qi Li

Physician Executive, InterSystems
I have known several principals at (Clinovera) for many years, but most recently InterSystems and (Clinovera) got through a project that really focused on clinical research, which is a new area that I know (Clinovera) is very good at, and also has an increasing demand for our customers around the world.

Scott Generazo

EVP of HSi
Clinovera has far exceeded the expectations that we had set out at the beginning, and has been a trusted partner with us since 2018.

Stephanie Hojan

President, HSI
Clinovera has been our development partner helping bring technology and innovation to our organization. Initially, helping us automate several internal operational processes, our custom solution has developed into something so much bigger. Their Expertise is invaluable. Clinovera talent is top-notch. They have great technical ability and a solid working model that is affordable yet flexible; this flexibility make them a terrific partner. A great relationship has been built between our organizations over the past five years and we look forward to continuing to work with them into the future.

From the Insights

Interviews, tips, guides and industry best practices

Bill Automation in Healthcare

Every day, a massive amount of data is processed in healthcare, including EHR updates, insurance claims, administrative data, surveys, and trials. Medical coding is often underestimated as just another back-office task. Unified codes are a true lifesaver in managing the information flow as opposed to thousands of documents.

Transforming Cancer Care: Advanced Solutions for Patient Scheduling Challenges

Advances in diagnostic procedures, greater awareness, and an aging population have all fueled the demand for cancer care services. The upswing in the number of individuals seeking diagnosis, treatment, and follow-ups places a considerable burden on healthcare workers and facilities. ‍While advancements in medical technology promise better treatments, the administrative aspect — particularly scheduling — often lags behind. Inefficient scheduling directly extends patient wait times, delaying diagnosis and treatment, increasing patient stress, and potentially impacting the efficacy of their treatments. ‍However, there are solutions to bridge this administrative gap, ensuring that patients experience streamlined cancer care.

Asset Management Beds

Too Many Patients, Too Little Beds: Enhancing Hospital Asset Management

Discover how cutting-edge asset management transforms hospitals facing COVID-related capacity issues. Learn how technology-driven strategies enhance bed allocation, predictive analysis, maintenance scheduling, and personnel deployment. Elevate patient satisfaction through seamless transitions, reduced waiting times, and personalized care. Embrace Clinovera's system for efficient resource management. Contact us to redefine your healthcare facility's operations


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Discover what's possible with AI in healthcare.
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