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Meteora™ AI

Aggregate mission-critical accelerators to empower your Healthcare or Life Sciences organization with AI technologies and speed up time-to-market solutions.
Our service platform Meteora AI utilizes a combination of open source and commercial Large Language Model (LLM) and Generative AI technologies from leading vendors, including Microsoft, Google and others to harness the power of AI and help maximize your organization’s potential.
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Meteora AI Transforms Processes, Productivity and Outcomes Through Automation

AI-Powered Clinical Note Documentation Assistant

Our AI-powered application extracts meaningful insights and structured data elements, and captures essential summaries from free-form conversations and unstructured provider notes in real time.

Triage with Artificial Intelligence: Prioritizing Patient Messages

Automated prioritizing, filtering and sorting of patient messages allows clinical staff to efficiently respond to them based on urgency. Our AI-driven triage system ensures that healthcare professionals can respond promptly to high-priority communications, enhancing patient engagement and overall care quality.

Automated Concept and Vocabulary Mapping

Extracting and transforming data from proprietary data sources, such as EHR and other systems, into Common Data Models (OMOP, i2b2, and others) is a critical element of the Real World Evidence (RWE) research. We dramatically reduce the turnaround time for building data transformation pipelines by applying AI for concept and vocabulary mappings. The work that a trained clinical data analyst would normally perform over a period of a few weeks can now be completed in a few minutes to a few hours.  

Clinical Data Discovery Tool

Navigating complex data repositories with thousands of tables and columns and understanding which of these structures and their relationships have relevance in the context of the specific data transformation is a monumental task. Our AI-powered clinical data discovery service analyzes and identifies subsets within a source data repository and provides summaries for most relevant data elements

AI-powered Eligibility Verification for Clinical Trials and Studies

Traditional ways to define inclusion and exclusion criteria for clinical trials and research studies involve utilizing manual processes, creating complex SQL queries, or navigating specialized UI tailored to specific anthologies and Common Data Models. Our AI-powered eligibility engine uses a proprietary trained Large Language Model, which not only allows researchers and clinicians to define inclusion/exclusion criteria in a free-form natural language, but also to aggregate data from multiple sources and terminology services.   

Let Clinovera guide you through the digital frontier

Today, adopting AI is a matter of survival; Those who are left behind will ultimately lose competitive advantage and won’t be able to capitalize on the tremendous opportunities that AI technologies offer. Let us help you navigate this complex and fast-changing landscape – and conquer the next frontier in Digital Transformation.

Learn more about our full range of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning service offerings.

The Clinovera Advantage

Clinovera’s AI offerings distinguish themselves by delivering tailored solutions that are individually crafted for each client. Our approach revolves around in-depth collaboration, enabling us to comprehensively grasp our clients’ requirements. By cohesively blending advanced AI technologies with client-specific insights, we create solutions that are not only innovative but also seamlessly aligned with each client’s unique needs and goals.

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