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Sparta™ Program Manager

Introducing Sparta – An AI-enabled Program Management Service that assists institutions in identifying and closing gaps in care.
Sparta’s AI-enabled infrastructure automates and streamlines processes for identification of patients eligible for gaps-in-care initiatives, notifies clinicians and program managers about eligible patients and facilitates follow up activities defined by the institutions. It also provides population-based reporting and analytics.

Sparta  facilitates intervention for gaps-in-care at an early stage of the patient journey and with high precision. It excels at producing metric-based results such as improved HEDIS scores as well as active management of health care programs.

Sparta is also used to support research programs, helping to find patients for observational research and clinical trials. Sparta connects to Clinovera Data Pipelines to export and transform patients to Common Data Models, such as OMOP, i2b2, FHIR and others.
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Automated Program Management

Sparta produces metric driven results
Improve HEDIS scores by applying automated program management to workflows
How it works

Sparta In Action

With capability to fully integrate with most Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, Sparta aggregates patient data from hospital systems, analyzes the data against various health programs, and ensures that the care team is proactively alerted and informed about patients with gaps in care.

Identify Gaps in care

Sparta will work with health care institutions to identify targeted health programs of interest. Sparta identifies patients eligible for Gaps in Care programs prior to provider visits and notifies clinicians and institutions in the form of real-time alerts, population-level reports, and reminders for preventive screenings, vaccinations, and follow-up appointments.

Sparta Technology to close these gaps

New advancements in AI, Machine Learning (AI/ML), advanced data analytics, and automation will address these challenges.  Once the targeted programs are identified, Sparta program manager will make sure that no critical interventions are overlooked.

Deliver high quality care

With Sparta, providers can enhance their adherence to evidence-based guidelines and quality measures, thus improving their HEDIS scores. Automated program management enables the consistent and timely delivery of preventive services management, chronic disease management, and other interventions that ensure organizations are meeting HEDIS requirements and demonstrating their commitment to delivering high-quality care.

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