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Real World Evidence (RWE) Research & Analytics

We will harness Real World Data (RWD) from multiple sources to navigate rapid innovation and complex safety and regulatory environments for drug and device development.
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Real World Evidence (RWE) Research & Analytics

Leverage data for better evidence-based decision-making

We serve as trusted advisors to our customers to navigate the regulatory environment to enable powerful data insights that drive innovation.

Development of applications and observational data repositories

For RWE research, aggregation of structured and unstructured data from EHR records, patient narratives, provider notes, genetic and genomic information, and other sources.

We map and maintain

OMOP/CDM vocabularies, cross-referencing to standard coded terminologies, develop extensions and implement tools for vocabulary maintenance, distributed analytics, data validation and other purposes. Contributor to the OMOP/CDM and OHDSI community.

Development of RWE-based analytical data models

Technology support for clinical studies and trials based on RWE

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