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Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation for a Robotic Laboratory Automation Company

See how Clinovera helped design and deploy a cloud transformation project for a leading global laboratory animation company to ease workflow, manage scripts and set remote configurations for robotic equipment.
Healthcare Cloud Migration
Published on
September 27, 2023

Clinovera formed a strategic partnership and helped design and deploy a cloud transformation project for a leading global laboratory automation company to ease workflow, manage pharmaceutical laboratory robotics solutions to support drug testing and other clinical trials. The cloud based solution centralized one to many robotic systems allowing one administrative console and immediate scalability. The solution is secure and customizable to run batch and single commands to meet robotic capabilities demand for small to enterprise configurations.

About the Client

  • Global robotic laboratory automation company
  • Business: Leading robotic automation solutions to support pharmaceutical clinical trial and other testing
  • Summary: Cloud transformation to deploy laboratory software on equipment on a large scale through the cloud
  • Services: Cloud Transformation


The client needed to extend their development team to architect, develop, and deploy their robotic management software platform. First Line created and deployed a SCRUM team to work in concert with the client’s existing developers to support the cloud transformation project.

Initially, the client developed a robot management software solution, which was an embedded application running on a Microsoft Windows computer that they included with each robot purchased. They had the following challenges:

  • Creating a new management platform that interfaces with the existing robotic deployed at customer worldwide.
  • Architecting, developing, and implementing a new Azure cloud based robotic management platform.

Capturing and updating the user interface enhancements from existing customers to ensure the new Azure based platform would be accepted by existing customers. To solve their challenges, Clinovera had multiple high-level consultive meetings with the client to map out all the new cloud-based platform requirements, budget, and development schedule.  The technologies employed included AWS & Azure Cloud, angular, React, Sequel, and .Net technologies.


The cloud transformation started their transition towards a new age of technology with:

  • The final cloud transformed solution supported existing, (backwards compatible) while offering new functionality to existing & new customers.
  • Improved the deployment and release processes of integrating robotic solutions into pharmaceutical lab environments.
  • Increased robotic uptime/availability by removing the embedded management PC.
  • Better integration and adoption into pharmaceutical clinical trials and drug development processes.
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