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EMR System Development

Immunization Repository for a Large Healthcare Delivery System

Clinovera helped a major non-profit hospital system with over 15, 000 providers and 2 million patients develop an enterprise-wide immunization repository. This solution integrates seamlessly with Epic EMR and cleanses over 40 million legacy records from various systems.
Immunization Repository Development
Published on
June 12, 2024

Immunization Repository for a Large Healthcare Delivery System


Our client is one of the largest not-for-profit hospital and physician networks in the United States with
over 15,000 providers and over 2 million patients under care.


To comply with government guidelines and improve continuity of care, our client is developing an
enterprise-wide registry of immunization records for all patients across 11 hospitals and affiliated
outpatient clinics. This initiative coincides with their multi-year implementation of the Epic EMR
system, which will ultimately import both real-time and legacy immunization data.


Hospitals and outpatient clinics within the client’s network utilize various EMR and ambulatory
systems, from different vendors and even in-house development. These systems hold over 40 million
legacy immunization records accumulated over several years. Unfortunately, the data quality is
inconsistent (“dirty”) with significant structural and content variations, even within the same system.
Preserving the historical sequence of data across all systems is crucial. However, historical
inconsistencies and ongoing edits by clinicians (both current and past records) make importing legacy
and current immunization records concurrently a significant challenge. To address this, the organization
has implemented a temporary ban on editing current records until the legacy data import is complete.
This decision creates strict time constraints for importing the vast amount of legacy data.


For over two years, a joint team of Clinovera and client engineers, medical informaticians, analysts, and
hospital IT staff collaborated to design a sophisticated process and infrastructure. This system
populates the immunization repository with historical and real-time data, enabling export to Epic and
government agencies. We developed 13 interfaces: inbound from client systems and outbound to Epic
and the state vaccination registry.

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