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Organizational Transformation
System Modernization

Redesign for Long-Term Care Workforce Management System

Learn how Clinovera was engaged to redesign this company’s legacy SaaS solution for workforce management at long-term care facilities, along with SLDC process improvement.
Healthcare Workforce Management Software
Published on
July 15, 2024

About the Client

  • Staff Schedule Care, Inc. (SSC)
  • Client Business: Workforce Management for Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Summary: Redesign of the legacy SaaS solution for workforce management at long-term care facilities and SDLC process improvement 
  • Services: Technology Advisory, Application Development, Organizational Transformation, Business Process Redesign


Staff Schedule Care leadership decided to modernize and re-architect their entire product offering, implemented on a legacy Microsoft technology stack, to improve performance, workflow, and the user interface. After a year of slow progress, it was determined that the internal engineering team had limited success due to multiple challenges. The SSC leadership then engaged Clinovera to assist their existing team in this effort.

Staff Schedule Care is a leading provider of fully integrated on-demand workforce management solutions across North America for long-term care and senior care facilities. 

The Clinovera team conducted an in-depth analysis and discovery of the system infrastructure, technology stack, existing SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), and IT processes and then proposed comprehensive changes that would support the organization’s business objectives.

Initially, the SSC engineering team was resistant to the proposed transformation, but the SSC leadership realized the potential of the ideas, processes, and methodologies recommended by Clinovera and has since embraced its guidance.

Following the initial Discovery, Clinovera consultants proposed a one-year implementation roadmap and provided a detailed estimate for the effort. The proposed plan was implemented by Clinovera engineers in collaboration with SSC IT and leadership, and the project was successfully delivered on time and within budget. 


In addition to greatly improved technology offerings, SSC has since implemented Agile processes and methodology and transformed its internal IT team in line with Clinovera advisory.

Clinovera and SSC continue working together on new systems and applications. Additionally, SSC during the COVID pandemic, SSC has licensed Clinovera EPass COVID screening and contact tracing solutions, protecting the workforce at hundreds of long-term care facilities. 

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