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AI and ML

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medical coding

Bill Automation in Healthcare

Every day, a massive amount of data is processed in healthcare, including EHR updates, insurance claims, administrative data, surveys, and trials. Medical coding is often underestimated as just another back-office task. Unified codes are a true lifesaver in managing the information flow as opposed to thousands of documents.

What is Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring FAQ

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) devices, such as blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters, are used to remotely monitor patients and track their condition between visits. The article discusses the various applications of RPM in operational settings, its common purposes in research studies, generated alerts, challenges faced in implementation, and emerging frontiers like AI and ML for predictive insights and real-life testing for continuous monitoring.

remote clinical trials

The Age of Remote Clinical Trials

This article discusses the rise of remote clinical trials and how various technologies are being utilized to support them. Learn more about the technologies behind virtual trials, benefits and potential drawbacks.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Advancements in Remote Patient Monitoring

This article explores the significant growth of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) facilitated by technological advancements. Learn more about benefits of RPM, various mechanisms, examples of RPM devices, such as wearables and sensor-based technologies, and the future of RPM.

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