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Learn more about our successful customer engagements and how we deliver results across the Healthcare technology spectrum.
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COVID Symptom Tracker

Customizable COVID Screening System for the Protection of Employees and Communities Nationwide

Learn about how the Clinovera team engaged with leading academic medical centers and community organizations to develop an innovative and comprehensive ePASS COVID screening and symptom-tracking solution used by hundreds of health organizations, businesses and communities to protect employees and th

machine learning in healthcare

Machine Learning for Data Governance in a Hospital Setting

Learn more about how Clinovera worked with a leading U.S. healthcare system to develop a searchable catalog of more than 100,000 analytical insights that are organized and classified automatically with innovative machine learning tools – with minimal human involvement.

Rare Disease Registry Development

Disease Registries Development with OMOP CDM Repository

See how Clinovera developed a cloud-based platform for rare disease registries, integrating data from various sources into the OMOP CDM repository with extensive data modeling and content management tools, utilizing a multi-disciplinary team's expertise in OMOP CDM for research and analytics.

Healthcare Workforce Management Software

Redesign for Long-Term Care Workforce Management System

Learn how Clinovera was engaged to redesign this company’s legacy SaaS solution for workforce management at long-term care facilities, along with SLDC process improvement.

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